Nice to meet you! We're Josh and Annie, both 5th+ generation farmers and married since 2014. We started dating in 2011 and had a herd of less than 10 cows, some of which are still with us. They're registered Black Angus with bloodlines Annie's family had kept going since the 1930s. 

Since then, our passion for farming has grown as well as our herd. We now use registered polled Hereford bulls and have herds calving in the spring and fall. 

We are passionate about raising and producing quality beef you can trust, even if this means doing things the "old fashioned way" by not adding growth hormones or steroids.  We take pride in having the happiest, healthiest cows and calves and feeding your family a safe, high-quality product.

We are beyond grateful for your support in us chasing our dream. 

We couldn't do it all without the help of Annie's mom, Eydie, who is always there to help no matter the task. Whether it’s bringing us lunch, repairing fences, helping pull a calf, or selling beef at the farmers market, she’s the most reliable, caring, and loving part of this farm. 


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